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  Established in 2001. Materpiece Plaster and Masonry is representing
the architectural Cast Stone Industry and has grown to be one of the most
successful cast stone (limestone) manufacture in Ontario. We proudly
Manufacture all of our products in our engineering and fabrication
facility in Toronto.

The elegance and artistry of our modles are all creative/customized
designs which are all hand carved by a successful craftsman who
had the vision to exercise his fine artistic techniques in the west for
the growing upper class who truly desire the fine detailing of his
ancient natural stone look.

MasterPiece Plaster and Mansonry provides a wide range of styles and
colours and is the ideal and affordable choice for banquet halls, restaurants,
building lobbies and home interior designs to accommodate any home
owner. designer or architect's needs to enhance the look of any project and
increase it's value.